Ultimutts Stunt Dog Show!

The unique talents of our dogs (and cat) have landed the 4-legged stars celebrity status and worldwide attention. Our one of a kind show features some incredible tricks including: Tightrope walking, walking handstands, skateboarding, scooters, jump rope, basketball slam dunk and more!

The Ultimutts is a multi-generational ground act for Fairs, Festivals, Zoos, Theme Parks and Pet Events. These celebrity dogs will bring smiles and unique entertainment with no other show like it.

We guarantee that your guests will be delightfully surprised by our unique tricks like tightrope walking, handstands, skip rope, skateboard/scooter riding, piano playing, acrobatics, slam dunk and even a trained cat!

With a unique and diverse cast of rescued animals living in our homes as pets, our positive reinforcement only training guarantees that the animals enjoy themselves just as much as the humans. Their joy is obvious as they perform and they equally enjoy the meet and greets with the audience after the show.


  • 32' x 32' up to 40' x 56'

Please visit the contact us page for pricing.

All shows include:

  • Three 30 minute shows per day with meet and greet after the show
  • Skateboarding, Skate ramps, Scooter riding, Skipping, handstands, Tightrope Slam Dunk
  • 7 dogs, 2 cats
  • 2-3 Dog handler/Performers
  • Sound System and up to date music
  • Flooring, fencing, professional custom props and self contained performance
  • Animal Actors featured in Pet Sematary, Netflix Features and Fortune 500 Commericals
  • Media performances/interviews
  • Media package with promo pictures, write up and video

As seen on:

  • Netflix
  • Paramount
  • Pet Sematary
  • Superbowl 2019
  • Animal Planet
  • BT
  • CBC
  • CHCH
  • CP24
  • Family
  • Global
  • Pet Network
  • Rick Mercer Report
  • Ripleys Believe it or not
  • Canada AM
  • Good Morning America