The Ultimutts Stars

Most of our 4 legged stars were rescued as unwanted pets. They are now very loved, live in our homes and sleep in our beds!

They are trained exclusively with positive reinforcement and love the mental stimulation of having a job. We spread the word about the importance of saving lives through adoption.

Bella The Boston Terrier

Age: 7 years old

Adopted privately, 6 year old Bella is a fire cracker and a very talented dog. Bella can ride a scooter, skateboard, walk a tightrope, jump rope, play piano, perform a walking handstand, and more! In November 2015 Bella traveled across Canada with Ripley's Believe it or Not! to promote her appearance as "The Tightrope Terrier" in the 2016 Publication. Bella has also been featured on Good Morning America, Family Channel, and on the big screen in "A Date With Miss Fortune"

Sophia The Black Lab

Age: 10 years old

A sweet and gentle soul, Sophia was pulled from a high kill shelter in Ohio and taken to a farm for rescued animals to wait for her home. She was overlooked for a year until she was sent on the rescue relay up to London, Ontario to have hope for a family in a new shelter. Owner/trainer for Ultimutts Melissa Millett worked with the shelter as a dog trainer at the time, saw Sophia and immediately fell in love. Sophia is the 2013 talent search winner for the Pet Network, has been featured on Family Channel, Rick Mercer Report and Animal Planet. Sophia is the resident brainiac who can read numbers, count, read cue cards and much much more!

Pickles The Boston Terrier

Age: 4 years old

Adopted as a puppy to create a puppy prodigy, Pickles is just as quirky and cute as her name. She performed on TV as early as 4 months old, started in the show at 10 months and was chosen as one of the top stunt dogs for Good Morning America at 1.5 years of age! Her many talents include; skateboarding, pushing a shopping cart, hiding in a suitcase, playing basketball, piano and more! When the Ultimutts were in a high speed rollover car crash on June 21st, 2015 Pickles panicked and bolted from the scene. She ran to the inside lane of the 401 highway and survived running alongside the median, evading capture for 11 hours until an off-duty animal control officer was finally able to rescue her. She is our miracle and we are thankful for her every day!

Oreo The Sheltie/Corgi/Border Collie

Age: 4 years old

Oreo was rescued at an auction where puppy millers often bring left over puppies that didn't sell to be auctioned off to the first bidder. Oreo was a lucky dog that was rescued, then fostered/ raised by a service dog trainer. Once he discovered Oreo's wonderful temperament and desire to work, he called Melissa. She is a little clown that LOVES children. Her big tricks include slam dunk and catching the call like a human! She is a crowd favourite

Lollipop The Boston Terrier

Age: 2 year old

Being totally deaf, no one wanted Lollipop and she was turned over to the county humane society. Knowing that the Ultimutts had lost a beloved Boston Terrier in the car crash, Melissa was offered Lollipop first and could not resist! What a delightful and sweet little dog who doesn't let being deaf stop her one bit! She has shown immense talent and is our resident skateboarding superstar! Lollipop is fearless and loves to ride a skateboard and scooter on multiple obstacles.

Popcorn The Rat Terrier

Age: 2 year old

What a firecracker this one is! Popcorn has unlimited energy and sleeps with one eye open. She is a true working dog, and would not be suited to a pet home - thank goodness she is an Ultimutt! During training we watch the dog to see their natural talents. Popcorn is very athletic and has a talent for jumping! To play off those talents she has learned to jump rope, through her trainers arms, weave through legs, play basketball, handstand and more!

Jellybean The Australian Cattle Dog

Age:2 year old

Upon adopting Lollipop and learning how wonderful deaf dogs can be, Melissa contacted Deaf Dog Rescue of America to discuss adding another deaf dog to the team. Jellybean was described as one of the most intense Australian Cattle Dogs the rescue has seen and was shipped from California to Canada to join the Ultimutts when he was 5 months old. This dog is incredibly intelligent and already excelling in his training!

Sashimi The Bengal Cat

Age: 4 years old

Adopted privately at 10 months of age, Sashimi was then raised with dogs to believe she is one. She walks on leash among 6 dogs, completely comfortable and even accepts new dogs very well. She LOVES to work and has some exceptional tricks, balancing in a sit pretty on a 2 x 4, scooter riding and tightrope walking. Like most Bengals she is a very active and intelligent cat and needs plenty of stimulation, she is the perfect trick cat!

Butters The Boston Terrier

Age: 2014 to 2015

A true Puppy Prodigy, Butters began performing at 14 weeks of age live and on TV. When she was only 16 months of age Butters was performing in the show by riding a scooter down a ramp, riding a skateboard, balancing on a 4 x 4 block of wood and walking the tightrope. Members of the audience would approach the performers after the show and comment that they were sure that Butters was set to take over the show! Her talent and focus were obvious. Sadly, after the car crash in June, Butters ran away with Pickles and was struck by a car on the highway. We were devastated to lose her such a wonderful little dog. She was very loved and is missed. <3